1999, Atharva Dhekne alias tacitonic.

Classical pianist making music at home.

Equipped with an old keyboard (and pizzazz).

(Extended Version)

Atharva Dhekne “tacitonic”, is currently pursuing his graduate studies in Music Technology from the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development at New York University (NYU). He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Pune. Born in 1999, Atharva has been playing and learning classical piano since the age of 5. His research interests include interactive audio, sound design, film and television music/sound, game audio, user interface design, product design, web development, and open source software.

A research and development professional with experience in music technology, open source, design, and UI/UX development, Atharva has worked on projects spanning the globe and impacting millions. Notably, he has done research and worked on projects with Rockstar Games, WordPress, Google, the Apache Software Foundation, Muellners Foundation, and the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI; Ministry of Industries, Government of India).

Chat with Atharva about gaming, typography, geo-politics, languages, or the Oxford comma, and you’ll get his absolute attention. Atharva wishes to pursue his passion for music as his profession. One more thing he wishes, is to not write this bio in third person.
You can view his Curriculum Vitae (CV) here.